Concert Review: Green Day in Tacoma

For the record, I still think Green Day is the best band in the world at this moment.
Holy crap – remind me to never go to a show at the Tacoma Dome again!!  SB and I sat in standstill one-lane traffic for over an hour trying to get around the Dome to park.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  We even missed Jimmy Eat World, a band I was pretty psyched to be seeing.  Oh well, at least we didn’t miss any of Green Day and from the looks of it plenty of people were not as fortunate.
Green Day was all about… Green Day.  While they certainly rocked and it was great to hear them play some of their big hits, they spent about a third of the show posing to illicit waves of teenage screams and making the different sections of the crowd cheer louder than the other.  I’m not exaggerating.  That’s OK in a song or two, but I swear it was a third of the show.  Plus during slow songs like "When September Ends" Billy Joe would go, "…years have never last <SCREAM>COMEON</SCREAM>!" – it just seemed out of place.
The pyrotechnics were AMAZING.  My favorite moment of the whole show was when they shot deep red flames way up in the air.  They’d shot regular fire-colored flames for a lot of the show but the red ones were a cool surprise. 
I just searched the web for almost an hour looking for a photo of the red flames and finally found one.  Not on MSN or Google image search, but finally on Flickr. 
At the end of the show they blew confetti everywhere which was pretty spectacular.  Of course SB and I were halfway to the door because we didn’t want to get caught in another traffic jam on the way home.  We must be getting old!
All in all a good show but I thought it would be more about their message and not about them.  I told you I’m getting old!

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