Concert Review: Living Colour at El Corazon in Seattle

Of course I saw Living Colour!  Are you crazy?  They created a historical mix of soul, jazz, punk, hip-hop, funk and hard rock (and electronica too!) that dominated the airwaves back in the late 80’s (sing it with me, “I-I-I’m the cult of person-a-li-ty!”)  and they only improved their profile as serious musicians since.  Vernon Reid is one of the most amazing guitarists alive and Corey Glover can blow the doors off.
AF and I saw them back in 2001 at the Showbox.  It was packed and they played a blistering set.  Last night’s show was far from packed – there were probably less than 100 people there!  At first I was worried that the band would be disappointed and would play a half-assed show but I was wrong – they played for over two hours and you couldn’t get the smile off my face the entire time.  And even better – since there were so few people AF and I were able to stand a few feet from the stage and not even get crushed!  To see legends like this so close was amazing.
And I’ll say it again, there’s something about seeing a band play music that I loved almost 20 years ago (!) that makes me so happy – it’s proof that great music will always prevail and that life just gets better as you get older.

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