Concert Review: Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo

Seeing this concert (from the front row, baby!  SB rocks!) was a really emotional experience.  I realized in the middle of it that Pat Benatar is one person that I really idolized in my youth that is still worth idolizing today.  She is obviously an amazing talent and had a huge impact on women in rock and simply rock itself, and she has always been a class act – someone who is strong and doesn’t pander to her audience or compromise her creativity.  The biggest chunk of dirt VH1 could dig up on them for their Behind the Music episode is how some A&R guys wanted her to keep wearing skimpy clothes and she refused.  That’s it!  No drugs, sex scandals, bandmate drama – nada.  As she stood there singing songs I memorized 25 years ago (!), I was really overcome with love and appreciation of her. 
  • Neil smiling at me when he noticed my t-shirt (vintage Cheap Trick)
  • Pat noticing when I sang every word to even her most obscure songs
  • Them playing "My Clone Sleeps Alone" which they called a silly song and said they had never done live
  • Neil explaining his role in the producing of their albums and his stories about the songs (bordered on egotistical but I still found it interesting)
  • Their obvious enjoyment of rocking out – I got the impression they had been doing a lot of mellow acoustic shows and that this was one of the first real rock shows they’d done in the last 15 years.
The only disappointing part was that she can’t sing as high as she did on her records – she sang in her lower register in several key parts of "Promises in the Dark" and "Treat me Right" and "Fire and Ice" were noticeably absent from the set list.
All in all it was an amazing experience and although I don’t like to talk to celebrities (uh, hi i’m your biggest fan) I would feel good to tell her that she is the artist that means the most to me in my life.

5 thoughts on “Concert Review: Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo

  1. The setlist was: Everybody Lay Down, We Live For Love, Shadows of the Night, My Clone Sleeps Alone, Go, True Love, Invincible, Pappa’s Roses, Hell Is For Children, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, We Belong, Heartbreaker – encore – Promises in the Dark, Love is a Battlefield, All Fired UpFrom the setlist geek! :)

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