Technology is affecting the telling of compelling stories

This morning I read the most amazing blog Typical guy, atypical situation (thanks cocoapebbles for the link) written by a former hunk of a jock that is now a quadriplegic.  I cannot stop thinking about this guy.  He is really articulate and his story is so intense – he has a great sense of humor and has given me a huge reality check (one of those “you never know what is going to happen so carpe diem” experiences).  It’s also made me think a lot about technology is affecting the telling of compelling stories.
The obvious thing is to urge this guy to write a book, which of course he could do quite successfully and make the rounds of Oprah and Barnes and Nobles across the country. But is that even necessary or wanted by him or his readers?  I really like the idea of checking in on him in real time – to see what he’s thinking today.  I like the ability to have a conversation and to create community around his story.  I like reading the comments people are leaving him and to read the spaces of his friends.  This is all real, and it’s so satisfying to explore this story the way I want to instead of reading a linear story in a hard cover.  If he did write a book I would probably read it, but there’s something really amazing about seeing him in an MSN Space just like mine – we are both equal people in the world of MSN.  Something about that makes him seem more tangible and closer to me than if I was reading a book.
All this technology is so new, my mind just explodes with ideas and possibility…

One thought on “Technology is affecting the telling of compelling stories

  1. I love the feeling of community that blogs build up. I’ve injured my foot and had to cancel a marathon I was training for. I was really, really upset about it. The Tall Fella and my friends are sympathetic (very sympathetic), but it’s the running blog family friends who have made a big difference. Before the Web, I’d’ve been on my own here (I have no running friends); now I’m not (like Furries, lol). Connections are wonderful. Even just clicking through co-workers spaces makes me feel more connected to people here.

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