Concert Review: Indigo Girls at South Lake Union 7/20/05

I’m so behind in my reviews!
Saw the Indigo Girls last Wednesday at the new location for the Summer Nights concerts, South Lake Union in Seattle.  The venue will never be as good as the Pier and that was pretty sad, but it wasn’t a bad venue at all.  You could only barely see the water but it was a nice night and the sunset was beautiful.  SB got there early and saved us seats up at the front – it pays to know the die hards!
I was very excited to see opener Sarah Bettens.  She was in a band called K’s Choice back in the 90s and sang one of my favorite songs of the decade, "Addict".  It’s just a really great intense pop song.  She has a strong, wistful voice and seems like an appealing person, but my friends and I really wanted to feed her a cheeseburger!
The Indigo Girls were great as always.  They messed up a few times which was unusual and funny – Emily forgot the words to Prince of Darkness and had to stop which amused Amy greatly (she said, "I love it when that happens!"), and Amy hit a wrong chord and yelled, "F##K!" which got great laughs.  I went to the show with two friends who had not experienced the singing crowd before which was fun.  There are particular parts of their songs where they traditionally let the crowd sing because we are usually singing louder than the Girls are!  Pretty funny to the uninitiated.
And I can’t say it enough times – the Indigo Girls are two great singer/songwriters that when put together are greater than the sum of their parts.  Amy is a great rock chick, and Emily is an accomplished songwriter and musician, and together they are this truly wonderful thing.  They are the product of 20 years of writing and harmonizing together and we are lucky to be a witness.
Nice show, nice night. 
Set list (SB is a geek!)


Fill It Up Again


Power of Two

Heartache for Everyone

Least Complicated


Our Deliverance

Dairy Queen

Prince of Darkness

Shame on You

Get Out the Map

Let Me Go Easy


Driver Education

Virginia Woolfe


Closer to Fine (w/Sarah Bettens)

Kid Fears

– encore –




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