I sold my Bronco

Yes, it’s true.  After four years of ownership (two years of bliss and two of headache), I finally sold my ’74 Bronco.  It had a myriad of problems that I could not seem to get a handle on, but it really was a “good Bronco” and I made it’s new owner very happy.  And he even had to tow it away! 
I learned a lot – that I am able to learn and do some things that I never thought I could – like take apart a gas tank or mount seat belts – but that there are some things that you just had to grow up learning – like why it’s not starting and how to make the #$*#$& lights work. 
I want to thank the great people at ClassicBroncos.com for all the help and support over the years – they are a fun bunch.  Just don’t talk about politics over there 😉
I still think Classic Broncos are the coolest!  Maybe someday when I’m rich and famous I can buy a really nice restored one as a second or third car.  Until then, I’ll just keep loving my cushy boomin Pathfinder.  The dogs like it better anyway since it’s quieter, but I do miss those Flowmasters…

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