Concert Review: Audioslave at the Paramount in Seattle

I saw Audioslave tonight and they were great (SB is the ticket Goddess!).  Like Velvet Revolver, they are a supergroup comprised of bands that I have loved for over a decade, Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine.  While I think Audioslave is a truly great band and put out one of my favorite CDs of the last few years, Soundgarden in particular is one of my favorite bands of all time and I feel very sentimental about them.  I was very sad when they broke up, and was disappointed with Chris Cornell’s solo album.  


Tonight Audioslave played several Soundgarden songs and I have to admit when the first strains of “Spoonman” came out of those speakers, I got goosebumps.  It was just so wonderful to have the chance to hear that monumental song played again, so very alive right in front of me.  And not only that, but they played “Outshined” from "BadMotorFinger" which is one of my all time favorite albums.  Chris also played “Black Hole Sun” solo acoustically and that was just spectacular – you could really hear his voice so clearly which was nice after the band had drowned him out for a lot of the show.  In fact, I didn’t want the band to come back on stage!  That’s unusual, but his voice is just that good.  He has one of the greatest rock voices of all time.  I keep saying “of all time” about these guys but it’s really true! 


They also played a lot of “Bulls on Parade” – Chris had left the stage and didn’t sing but I think everyone realized that the best part of that song is when Tom makes scratching noises with his guitar – the crowd just went wild.  That’s definitely my favorite Rage musical moment and to have it actually be a guitar part says a lot about the quality and uniqueness of Tom’s guitar style.  And man, it sounded so good, was totally exciting to hear – people were going nuts.  


From there I think they went into “Sleep Now in the Fire” which was pretty good.  The second greatest moment for me was during the encore when they played “Killing in the Name of” which is just such a great anthem.  Everyone was screaming “Now you do what they told you,” so loudly that you could actually hear the crowd over the band which was pretty impressive considering that it’s a somewhat low and quiet lyric.  And of course at the end, everyone screamed “F*** you I won’t do what you tell me!” and people were flipping the bird and dancing in the aisles and going crazy.  It was really cathartic and such a cool historical moment.  Who would have thought that we’d hear that song played live again after Rage broke up?  I sure didn’t.


After the show SB and I were talking about how freakin HOT Chris Cornell is.  We were trying to think of hotter guys (which is pretty damn funny in itself considering who was talking!) and we couldn’t think of any.  He’s a regular guy which increases his appeal, but we both agreed that Scott Weiland is a much better showman and that the Velvet Revolver show was a much more exciting experience overall.  It’s not really fair to compare them because the bands are just so different from each other, at least in personality.  VR are caricatures – very 80s.  Audioslave are regular guys – very grunge.  They each make very different shows, but both were very historical and amazing to experience.


I think most of the shows we have left to see this summer will not live up to these experiences, with the exception of Green Day.  Lenny Kravitz is Monday though and I’m sure that will be great. 


Isn’t Chris hot?  Look!


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