Concert Review: U2 in Seattle

I don’t know, maybe U2 concerts have just been built up so much to be some sort of religious experience but frankly I was disappointed by this concert overall.  I’m glad I went, but dang, for nearly $200 a ticket it seemed like a questionable decision.  The lights were totally amazing though – I knew that was going to be my favorite thing and I was right – they just made my jaw drop in awe.  The other great moment for me was when Bono pulled a young boy out of the audience to walk with him during "Sometimes We Can’t Make it On Our Own" and it was so touching – the boy was singing and Bono had his arm around him while they were walking around the oval stage.  You just knew it was blowing that kid’s mind and was just so wonderful.

Another neat thing about the concert was how their music has meant so much to me for 20 years now and they’ve been very consistent about putting out albums so each song reminded me of a time in my life and it was kind of like having my life flashing before my eyes.  I always love seeing bands that play music I loved when I was young because it makes me realize how awesome my life is and back then I really didn’t believe it would turn out nearly this good. 

So I thought the band wasn’t that into it – perhaps Bono was sick or something but I felt that he couldn’t always hear and would sing a few beats off – not on purpose.  And a few times he forgot the words or came in too early or late.  I don’t know, it just seemed to be lacking the totally amazing energy that I was promised.  Velvet Revolver was way better.

Oh – and they did the most bizarre and I think lame thing – they played Vertigo twice!  As Jon Stewart says, "Wha???"

And what is with the cell phones at concerts these days? It was pretty freakin hilarious when Bono had everyone turn on their cell phones to light up the stadium "like Christmas" – it was wild how many there were!  I thought it was really funny.  Cell phones are the new lighters, and there are many more of them than there ever were lighters! 

So check out the lights – worth the price of admission!  I got these photos off the web (I didn’t take them).



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