Trailer upskirt

Last Friday I saw an event in the Stranger that caught my eye:
(ENCORE INSTALLATION) The art team of Ben Beres, Zac Culler, and John Sutton are reprising last weekend’s fantastic, clever, and very addictive installation Three-Day Weekend for one night only. It features a trailer built 10 feet in the air with a transparent floor so you can stand beneath it and view the occupants above (I watched a middle-aged woman craning to see up the dress of one of the trailer’s tenants). It’s compulsively watchable and easily the most exciting art event so far this year. Go. (Consolidated Works, 500 Boren Ave N, northeast loading dock, 381-3218, 7-11 pm, free.)
Amazingly I was able to go that very night. The piece was pretty funny – there was a couple in the trailer and they were totally hammered.  I loved the interactivity of the piece – it invited the observers to talk to each other and experience it together.  It was a memorable, inspiring experience. Quote



Observatory Drive, Artists’ Vapor Trails, by Nate Lippens (03/10/05)


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One thought on “Trailer upskirt

  1. SuttonBeresCuller are building an installation right now down at the new Lawrimore Project in the I.D.  You should check it out….I loved their trailer piece too!  They also have a bunch of photos up that are pretty amazing…JJ

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